Why Moons & Spoons?

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Well, to start off, the words rhyme. However, both words have layers of meaning.

Moons: Many of us with lupus are sensitive to sunlight (U.V. rays). One of the symptoms of this sensitivity is fatigue. If I am out in the sun too long, I get very fatigued—it completely wears me out. So, like many other lupies, I have adjusted my timing for outdoor activities to occur under the light of the moon. I prefer the moon rays over the sun rays (even though I love the warmth of the sun). In addition, the moon has special significance to lupies’ “animal spirit” the wolf. (Lupus means wolf in Latin. The lupus rash resembles the color markings on a wolf’s face–thus the disease’s namesake.) Unfortunately, one of the medications we take to control our lupus symptoms can cause insomnia. We are often up when the moon is up. Many lupies have nocturnal tendencies, like wolves, and the moon is our companion.

Spoons: As lupus patients, we also refer to ourselves as “spoonies” due to the energy management Spoon Theory created by fellow-lupie Christine Miserandino. The theory explains that lupus patients begin their day with a certain number of spoons as fuel to help them get through the day. Spoonies have to be very selective about how they will expend their spoons because once you are out of spoons, you are out of energy for that day and can literally do nothing else. The additional symbolism for the word Spoons for this blog refers to my love of food and cooking. I am a foodie and a cook, and you will find clean and real food recipes and healthy eating tips throughout the blog. Spoons help to mix things well and keep them smooth.

So, there you have it. Welcome to Moons & Spoons!

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