How to Manage Your Medication List (Free Download)

My calendar sure has changed ever since this lupus thing.  Well, it has changed in many ways, but today I realized how medically heavy my schedule has been. The past 8 weeks have been filled with medical appointments. Out of the 8 weeks, I have gotten 2 weeks of reprieve from doctors and/or lab appointments. Wow.

But thankfully, I really like my doctors and the lab technicians who suck, ahem…I mean draw, vials of blood from my veins.  I see these folks a lot.  My DH and I have also developed a pretty good system for planning my doctors appointments into the metro city around traffic. We get in and out in good time. Plus, we get to use the carpool lane. I am also grateful that the lab is rather close to my house–5 minutes away.

And I finally figured out a system for my blood draws about a month into the process. I can make appointments for the draws as opposed to waiting around as a walk-in, hello?! And I can do this online. Seriously, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before. I had only ever done walk-in for labs which means you will most likely have wait for quite awhile.  

Just about every time I see one of my doctors, my medications change. It can be hard to keep up. I also want to be sure all of my doctors are kept up to date with my latest medication changes. I learned from my last major flare that the doctors do not always communicate with one another. In order to avoid this, I am taking control and making sure that all my doctors know what is going on with me at least medication wise (via email, fax, or phone). I also need to have a medication list on me at all times. If I am ever in as much pain as I was the last time I was hospitalized, I can’t be sure that I will able to communicate my medication information. There’s also a chance that lupus fog will roll in, and I may not be able to recall my medication list from memory.  I also can’t assume that my DH will be with me. I have to be ready.

So, each time I come home from a doctor’s appointment, I have a routine. I update my medication list, print off copies for myself and for my emergency overnight bag. I then schedule my next blood draw appointment, usually a week before my next doctor’s appointment. I then file away my labs request slip.  I also keep a copy of my medication list in the cloud; I share that list with my DH, so he always has access to the most up to date information.

Keeping your Medication List updated and handy will save you time.

Keeping your Medication List updated and handy will save you time.

I encourage you to keep an updated medication list. I have included the medication list template I created and use. Feel free to download it and tailor it for your own use. I print the whole sheet for my emergency overnight bag. I shrink the page and print a smaller version for my purse.

What additions or changes would you make to your own Med List template? What method works for you to keep everything updated?



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