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  1. I’m so glad I found your site , I thought I was crazy or going to go crazy with the tooth sensitivity . My dentist found nothing wrong ( I was seriously hoping it was a tooth infection just for an answer) I asked both my Doctor and my Dentist if there cold be a connection to the prednisone I’d been taking for my auto immune , but like the other comments both thought there wasn’t a connection . Its been almost 3 weeks now since my last tapered dose of the pred. and I’m about 30% better. I still drink and eat luke warm everything and am hoping for a 100% improvement soon . Just finding others who share my ‘woe’ has already helped me . To others who may read this , your not crazy , its very real , were just unique ….apparently. Hang in there , and tell your Doctor and Dentist about it . You are not alone !

  2. Teesar says:

    Yes it prednisone since 2 years I experience pain almost everywhere every year my doc prescribe cortisone dose.earlier this year the joint pain was severe doctor diagnose RA. I was on cortisone almost 1- ½ month tapering and widrawal after 2 days experience very severe pain cant even touch my teeth. It obviously the prednsoline

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