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Okay, I had a problem. I needed treats, cookies especially. I don’t have a lot of time, but a girl needs a cookie once in awhile. I think this “problem” came up during afternoon tea. I wondered, “How could I get a good supply of cookies?” And then it hit me…”a cookie exchange!” But it couldn’t be just any cookie exchange; it had to be a “clean” cookie exchange so that I could EatAlltheCookiesMeme

Not all at once mind you. Being the English major, I also appreciated the alliteration in Clean Cookie Exchange. See what I did there? Smooth right? And we’re making it an Elf-movie-themed party, thus the invitation. Elf Invite BlogElves are notorious for liking cookies. But I realized that a cookie exchange can happen anytime of year, not just during the holidays, but it’s a darn good reason. (I am already planning the next quarter’s cookie exchange.)

Anyway, so I bounced the idea off of one of my friends, and she said she was game. Shoot, even if it was just me and her, I am guaranteed at least one dozen extra cookies in my house that wouldn’t be there otherwise. (Score!) So, we’re making a party of it and hopefully the other buddies will be on board because I have visions of dozens of sugarplums, well paleo-approved sugarplums, dancing in my head. We are all kind of new to this new diet of mine, so I thought I’d share some link love and include some recipes here for all of us to drool over and choose from.

Here are 5 Holiday Paleo-Friendly Cookies all in one spot from a collaboration of foodies from The Healthy Maven.

Ahh! A holiday classic– Gingersnap Cookies from Against All Grain

Whoa! These look fun! Holiday Hermit Cookies (a.k.a. Fruitcake Cookies) from The Paleo Mom

And here are 12 paleo-friendly cookies all together from Eat Cook Paleo

Do you have any AIP Paleo cookies you just love (holiday or not)? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for sharing!

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