Do SoCal lupus patients need to worry about measles outbreak?

A recent tweet from a fellow lupie got my attention. It was about lupus and measles.

Tweet about Lupus and Measles

The tweet came soon after a conversation with family about vaccinations. The discussion made me fish out my yellow immunization card (yes, I still have mine). I found that yes, I had been immunized for the measles. In addition, I had just seen my rheumatologist the day before and asked him if I needed to be concerned. He said that as long as I had been immunized, I didn’t have to worry. However it was @lupusladies’s later reply that got me thinking that maybe I needed a second opinion.

Tweet 2 Lupus and Measles

Wait. People who were vaccinated still got the measles? Hmmm, and there is online chatter about the need to have had two measles immunizations. But on my card, I noticed that Continue reading