Preparing for the Realities of the Prednisone Moon Face

Today is the first time in months that I looked into the mirror and actually recognized the person looking back at me. I am starting to look like my old self; no more chipmunk cheeks or moon face. My face is waning—such a relief. I even said “Why, hello there” out loud to myself.

Lupus really messes with you—in many ways. Everyday my cells go to battle. My immune system is constantly warring with my healthy cells. Lupus has brainwashed my immune system into believing that my healthy cells are the bad guys. To assist in this battle, I have had to send in reinforcements in the form of high dosages of steroids. The drugs I take help to keep my lupus symptoms under control. But the drugs also have side effects–many unfortunately. One of the more visible side effects of corticosteroids is Continue reading