Clean Cookie Exchange

Gluten-Free Cookies

Okay, I had a problem. I needed treats, cookies especially. I don’t have a lot of time, but a girl needs a cookie once in awhile. I think this “problem” came up during afternoon tea. I wondered, “How could I get a good supply of cookies?” And then it hit me…”a cookie exchange!” But it couldn’t be just any cookie exchange; it had to be a “clean” cookie exchange so that I could EatAlltheCookiesMeme

Not all at once mind you. Being the English major, I also appreciated the alliteration in Continue reading

Eating Out and Food Restrictions

PC: McLovin 2.0

PC: McLovin 2.0

I find myself doing A LOT of cooking on this RepairVite / AIP diet. Here’s the thing, I love cooking, but on this program, it does seem to take up quite a bit of my day. I have completed five full days of the program (not even a third of the way through the food elimination phase). My DH asked me today if we were almost done. He is doing a modified version of the program. He eats dried fruit and nuts as snacks.  He is also drinking coffee (with sugar!). I introduced him to coconut sugar today. He had it in his coffee, but I don’t think it’s going to stick.

Thankfully some days we do plain ol’ leftovers—nothing fancy. However, we had unexpected guests on a leftover day, so we ordered out. It (the food) was a nice change for me/us. My DH and I ordered a rotisserie chicken and a green salad from our local Mediterranean restaurant. It worked! And it was easy and yummy. And we were able to have our guests order whatever they wanted meaning we didn’t have to submit them to our no-this no-that diet. It was a win-win situation. It was such a great experience that it got me thinking, “where else could we order food from and stay within the diet’s parameters?” Continue reading